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2015 uehs 18 me'09'30
lek wkqldrl iNdj wo ckm;s yuqjg


ue;sjrK l%uh ixfYdaOkh lr kj ue;sjrK l%uhla we;s lsu i|yd m;a l< lek weue;s uKav, wkqldrl iNdj wo ^18& ckdm;s ffu;S%md, isfiak uy;df.a m%Odk;ajfhka /iaug ksh;h'

fuu wjia:djg w.%dud;H rks,a l%uisxy uy;d o iyNd.Sug ksh; w;r ta i|yd lek weue;s uKav, wkqldrl iNdf iudlhska jQ wud;Hjreka jk l yIS" tia'' idkdhl" ,laIauka lswe,a,"pmsl rKjl" rdjq*a ylS" m,ks .nr" id bhqka" ir;a wuqKq.u iy .hka; lreKd;s,l hk uy;ajrke iyNd.S fj;s'





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