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2015 ජූ,s 27  me' 09'30
ud,jhska cd;sl ksoyia Wf<f,a fYaI wdrd;hd f,i tlaug ckm;s fyg ud,jhskg


ud,jhsfka 50 jk cd;sl ksoyia Wf<f,a fYaI wdrd; wuq;a;d f,i iyNd.Su i`oyd ckdm;s .re ffu;S%md, isfiak ue;s;=ud fyg ^26& oyj,a ud,jhsk n,d msg;aj hdug ksh;h'

ish fok ks, ixpdrh ;=, ckdm;s ffu;S%md, isfiak ue;s;=ud ud,jhsk ckdm;s woq,a,d hka woq,a,d .hq uy;d yuqugo ksh;h'





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