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2015 ජූ,s 30 me' 09'30
woq,a l,d ue;s;=udf.a wNdjh fjkqfjka ckm;sf.a fYdalh wjux.,H W;aij iNdjg bm;a flf


ysgmq bkah ckdm;s wdpdh woq,a l,d ue;s;=udf.a wNdjh fjkqfjka ckdm;s .re ffu;S%md, isfiak ue;s;=ud ksl=;a l< fYaI fYdal mKsjqvh wjux.,H W;aij iNdjg bm;a flf'

ckdm;s ffu;S%md, isfiak ue;s;=ud ksfhdackh lrka fYaI ksfhdacs;fhl= f,i wjux.,H W;aijhg iyNd.S jQ wud;H 't' iajdkdoka uy;d iska tu fYdal mKsvh bm;a l< w;r bkah w.%dud;H kfka fuda ue;s;=ud we;=`: iuia; bkah ck;djg;a" wdpdh w,a l,d ue;s;=udf.a fidfydhqre fudfydu uq;= rd f,fnhs udlald uy;d we;=`: mjqf,a {d;ska fj;;a ckdm;s ffu;S%md, isfiak ue;s;=udf.a id;sYh ixf.h tys mskukq ,eh'

wdpdh woq,a l,d ue;s;=udf.a wjux.,H W;aijh Bfha fmrjref woq,a l,d ue;s;=udf.a Wmka.u jk rdfIajr ys w;sYd, ck;djlf.a iyNd.s;ajfhka meje;aKs'





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