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2015 wf.daia;= 17  me' 14'20

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ckdm;s .re ffu;S%md, isfiak ue;s;=ud wo m'j 2'00 g muK fmdf<dkakrej kj k.rfha YS% oHdf,dal ydria:dkfha 2015 md,sfka;= ue;sjrKh fjkqfjka ish Pkaoh m%ldY lf<ah'

chka;s isfiak ue;sKsh we;=`: orejka iu`. wo oyj,a Pkao uOHia:dkh fj; meKs ckdm;s;=ud ish Pkaoh m%ldY l< w;r meK is ck;dj iu.o iqyo l:dnyl ksr; h'

Pkaoh m%ldY lsug m%:u ckdm;s;=ud wd.l j;dj;aj,o ksr;j wdYsjdo ,nd .;af;ah'




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